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If you work in any type of office you will undoubtedly know that you will need an insurance policy that covers all of your needs and this is never more needed than if you employ someone or if you have people that will visit you within your office. If you have employees then it is a requirement by law that you have a policy in place that will protect them against if they were to get injured within the office and hold you responsible and this is the same for any Third Party person that may come in to the office and runs the risk of falling over or tripping up and holding you responsible for their injuries.


Although the above is a main reason why you may want to get a policy on your office when you consider the work that goes on there it is obvious to see why you might want to protect either the property itself or the various things that you may keep within it so that in the worst case scenario of a claim you aren't left completely without cover and having to buy everything back that you need from your own pocket.

To help ensure your business has the protection it needs, the team here at LBH Insurance works with some of the UK's leading, specialist insurers to deliver both a competitive premium, great service and a fully comprehensive list of covers. Whatever kind of office you work in and whatever kind of industry the work you are doing is in we will be able to source a policy that is tailor made for you and there are various different covers that you can have on this policy including but not limited to the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Buildings Cover
  • Contents Cover
  • Money Cover
  • Business Interruption Cover
  • Electronic Business Equipment Cover

So if you have an office that you are looking for a fully comprehensive policy on then get in touch with our commercial team here and we will walk you through step by step in order to gain a quotation and make sure that you know the coverage that you are purchasing.




Contact Mike Stammers, our resident expert on all aspects of commercial insurance, for all enquiries relating to business insurance, fleet insurance, commercial liability, and Bi risk liability.

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