Excess Layer Insurance

If you are a tradesman or have a company that is required to have either Public or Employers Liability Insurance then you may be familiar with the fact that the standard limits are as follows:

Public Liability Insurance:

  1. £1,000,000 Cover

  2. £2,000,000 Cover

  3. £5,000,000 Cover

Employer Liability Insurance

  1. £10,000,000

Although these are the standard levels of cover that insurers will offer you depending on the work that you are doing you may be asked to have a higher limit than the above shows which is where an Excess Layer Insurance policy would come in to play. An Excess Layer is a policy that will provide you with an extension to your regular Liability Insurance policy and will just increase the amount of cover that you hold in total. For example the Excess Layer policy that is sold most would probably be a £5,000,000 extension to a Public Liability Insurance policy that overall would provide the policyholder with a £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance which depending on the work that you are undertaking you may be required to have.

  • Excess Public Liability Insurance

  • Excess Employers Liability Insurance


Over the past few years the need for this type of Insurance has increased greatly and you will usually find if you are asked to undertake any work for either a local authority or within a local school you will be required to have a minimum coverage of ten million Public Liability Insurance before you are able to start the work.