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For surveyors, Professional Indemnity coverage and Public Liability insurance are both vital to their trade, enabling them to practise with peace of mind and confidence. If something occurs in a property or building, surveyors are often the first port of call for blame or recompense.


We will take the following measures to make sure your surveyors' insurance is appropriate and cost-effective for your business:

Research your business needs: We will listen to you during the initial call and any follow-ups to make sure we understand your business, and its insurance needs, so we can source insurance that is appropriate to your practice.

Consider available insurance providers: We will investigate the market to find the policies that match the needs of your business, and those which provide the most competitive quotes.

Compare policy options: In instances where coverage can be quite complex, it is vital to make sure all the fine print is studied, to make sure all aspects of the business are covered, and that insurers won't unexpectedly avoid paying on a claim.

Negotiate your policy: We will negotiate with insurance vendors in order to make sure the policy covers every aspect of your business, while shedding superfluous coverage if it can reduce a premium.

Complete the purchase: Once you approve the policy terms and cost, we will facilitate the purchase, whether it is PI, PL, or EL surveyors' insurance.

Provide ongoing support: If you wish to change your policy or need to make claims or adjustments, we will assist you in every way we can.

Having proper insurance enables surveyors to defend themselves properly, and have the necessary cover for themselves and their business in the event that something does go wrong. In many instances a contractor or client will insist upon Public Liability insurance before tendering work. LBH Insurance are here to help with all types of insurance coverage for surveyors.



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