Overseas & Holiday Home Insurance

When people talk about Overseas or Holiday Home Insurance they are talking about the insurance that you will need on a property that you may either use yourself for a holiday home or ones that you may rent out on a short term basis for others to use as a holiday home and these can either be within the UK or anywhere else within the world. So if you are looking for insurance for your a holiday home that you own then look no further than LBH insurance as we can offer competitive quotations from a panel of insurers to ensure that you have the correct cover that you require at a fair premium. 

Our Personal Lines Account Handlers have been in the insurance industry for many years and are well versed in the different insurers and policy types that we can offer meaning that you can be sure of the policy and the coverage that you are buying. As we also deal with a multitude of  household name insurers meaning that you can be assured that your insurance policy is underwritten by an insurer that knows the ins and outs of the insurance policies that they offer.

There are multiple different types of overseas or holiday home insurances that you can get with each insurers offering a slightly different policy meaning that we can help you find one that caters for all of your needs and although the main things that will be covered under this type of insurance is your building or contents there are other areas of cover that you can look to add on which include:

  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • Home Emergency Cover

  • Accidental Damage Cover

For further information or to obtain a quote, contact a member of the team on: 0800 652 5551.