Property Owners Insurance

If you are a property owner and you have either a residential property, a commercial property or a property that is a mixture of both then you will need to get a policy that provides you with the correct cover and at a fair premium to you. Each policy that we provide you with will be on a tailor made basis meaning that you will be provided with a policy that takes your specific circumstances in to account and therefore you will only pay the premium that you should pay for the policy that you have rather than a company that might sell a one size fits all insurance policy.

When using LBH insurance for your Property Owners Insurance we will take the details from you and then approach multiple markets and insurers so that we can get a fair analysis of the market which is something that you may not get when going on price comparison websites. You can also decide what aspects of cover you require and build a policy that you want which only includes the areas of cover that you want. The maximum amount of cover that you can obtain for residential and commercial properties vary by insurers but most insurers can include:


  • Buildings Cover

  • Contents Cover

  • Legal Expenses Cover

  • Rent Guarantee Cover

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance


Whether you are looking for a Residential Property Owners quotation or a Commercial Property Owners Quotation speak to the team here who will guide you step by step through the process of gaining a quotation which will ensure that you have peace of mind that the cover you have purchased is the proper cover for your property.