Roofers Insurance

When working on any type of property, roofers and contracting companies need to know that their insurance is fully comprehensive and will cover them for any eventuality that may occur. With typical policies starting at covering just Public and Employers Liability Insurance up to a full package insurance covering any eventuality we can help you with whatever your requirements are.

Roofers Liability Insurance is something that you simply cannot afford to be without and if you have employees then it is a requirement by law that you have a policy in place. If you don’t have the right indemnity or liability cover there to protect you, then both you and your business would be completely defenceless in the event of a claim.

To help ensure your business has the protection it needs, the team here at LBH Insurance works with some of the UK’s leading, specialist insurers to deliver both a competitive premium, great service and a fully comprehensive list of covers.

Whether you work in the domestic, commercial or industrial market, we can tailor an insurance package to suit the needs of your business. We begin by looking at how you work, the number of people you employ, your working hours, and how factors such as these will shape the type of cover you’ll need.

Arrange cover through us and we can offer the below covers:

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Tools Cover

  • Contract Works Cover

  • Own or Hired-in Plant Cover


When you have a Public Liability Insurance policy you are protecting against Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Injury you may cause during your job, with roofers this often comes in the form of protection against anything that you may drop whilst you are working on the roof on to property below or even tiles and things that may slip off the roof and land on property below.