Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Scope

LBH is committed to demonstrating, through its actions, its commitment to sustainable insurance, to ensure a positive impact on the people and communities that we support every day.


We believe that focusing on good governance, responsible sourcing, mental wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and environmental footprint reduction is paramount to the effectives of our Company. Our own commitments in these areas will, in turn play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable future.


We will maintain an ESG policy which is regularly reviewed and updated.


Support for the implementation of this policy will come primarily from all LBH staff. As a minimum, we will conform to all the applicable legal and regulatory requirements in the UK.


We are committed to reducing the environmental impact resulting from our operations. For example, we aim to reduce our own carbon emissions. Our key strategic environmental priorities are:

  • Supporting green repairs and the circular economy.
  • Maintaining a paperless office policy. Where it is necessary to print ensuring that we are printing double sided.
  • Using LED lighting.
  • Collaborating with our Trade Association and Network to support a low carbon future.


We are committed to having a strong, inclusive and collaborative working culture, whilst being an equal opportunity employer. Our employee handbook will provide guidance to our employees on the processes for tackling subjects like bribery and corruption, equal opportunities, flexible working, information security and professional conduct. We will also maintain a grievance procedure and whistleblowing procedure to safeguard our employees at all times.

Our key strategic social priorities are:

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Improving gender equity at all levels
  • Supporting employees, fostering a safe and healthy work environment


Governance defines a set of rules and good practices, along with a series of processes that determine how the Company is managed and controlled.

Our key strategic governance priorities are:

  • Responsible sourcing and consumption.
  • Monitoring and anticipating ESG.